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Joel Andrew Hillman

Born in California, Joel Hillman has lived and traveled extensively through the Far East and Europe meeting remarkable men in Thailand, India, Nepal and Tibet where he learned many different healing modalities and spiritual practices.


Joel studied Deep Tissue Massage and Aikido from Richard Heckler, Randy Cherner and Robert Hall at The Lomi School of Massage in Petaluma, California and became a Certified Massage Therapist in 1989. He first learned of Barefoot Compression Therapy in 2000 at Alive and Well Institute of Consciousness Bodywork in San Anselmo, California from the legendary Sports Medicine pioneer, John Harris. John soon became Joel’s mentor and after completing his advanced courses, Joel eventually began teaching classes with John in Santa Barbara, California.

This type of bodywork changed Joel’s practice from just providing relaxing, deep tissue massage to literally fixing clients' issues ranging from chronic neck and back pain, to migraines and sports injuries. Compression therapy also greatly improves athletic performance. 

Joel has taught Barefoot Compression Therapy at Alive and Well, The Monterey Institute of Touch and at other massage schools in Santa Barbara and Marin County. He maintains a successful practice in San Rafael, California and continues to teach this work to other body workers and massage therapists.

“After working with Joel, I experienced great relief from a long standing back problem and can now do yoga postures I hadn’t been able to do for ages. I am a yoga teacher and have referred many students to Joel and all report brilliant results.”                  
                                                     Dr. Megan Scott, Director
                      Pain Management Center - San Francisco,  CA

“I measure my life as before and after a session with Joel, so liberatingly deep, restorative, reassuring be his work.  The best massage I’ve ever had.”                                                                     - Caroline Casey

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